SABMag 53 | FALL 2016 - Products

New Beaumont Skake made of recycled rubber

G.E.M. Inc., the manufacturer of Euroshield® recycled rubber roofing products, has released the Beaumont Shake which has a 9” exposure to-the-weather and only 40 panels per square to handle, rather than the usual 48. Euroshield® products contain 70% crumb rubber from tires and ap-proximately 95% recycled content. The company uses over 53% of the crumb rubber generated by Alberta crumb rubber processors to produce Euroshield® roofing. In August the company extended warranty coverage for its products against damage caused by hail up to two inches in diameter.

greenscreen® and Fat Pencil Studio release first SketchUp models for green facade products

In a continuing effort to provide designers with the latest drawing and rendering tools, greenscreen® has partnered with Fat Pencil Studio of Portland, OR in offering the first SketchUp models for green facade products.  Product manufacturers that provide 3D models help designers save time and money while giving immediacy to visual impacts that can affect the final design. To view all of the 3D models, visit