Issue 32 - November | December 2011



Northern Community Science Centre

The University of Laval established a research station for its Centre dÉtudes Nordique [CEN] in Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik in the early 1980s. Situated at the confluence of James Bay and Hudson Bay, and forming the western gateway to Nunavik, the settlement  is home to a bicultural Cree and Inuit community  numbering about 1500.












Siting a building for Human Comfort

The growing pressure being placed on energy supply as a result of increasing global energy demand is one of the key challenges that we face and will continue to face. Efforts are under way to find new and improved methods to supply this energy, yet one of the key solutions is to use less energy in the first place. more


Evergreen Brick Works

Located in Toronto’s Don Valley, Evergreen Brick Works is the revitalization of a 4.9-hectare, century-old brick factory that closed its doors 20 years ago. The site has been transformed into Canada’s first large-scale community environmental centre.   more


Building products derived From Rapidly Renewable Materials

Among the central objectives of sustainable design is to move the construction industry from a linear process of production, service and disposal to a cyclical one in which materials and products are reclaimed, reprocessed and reused.  more

BC Hydro Operations Centre

Our client for this project was the British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority [BC Hydro]. In accordance with the Province’s Climate Action Plan and its associated carbon reduction mandate, BC Hydro is required to move towards carbon neutrality in all of its activities.  more








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