Issue 31 - September | October 2011

Selected projects in this issue

• Hesquiat Community School

• Okanagan College Centre of Excellence

• Enmax Conservatory - Calgary Zoo

• CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory

• Waterloo Region Museum

• Schlüter Systems Canada

• Addition to the Convent of the Sisters of Charity

• Nova Scotia Power Corporate Offices





The program consisted of prenatal counseling supplemented with milk and oranges. As a result of participation in the program, the percentage of low birth weights for these high risk women dropped to approximately the city average.

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Extended Producer Responsibility

Canada ranks as one of the highest producers of solid waste per capita in the world. A recent survey by Statistics Canada showed that in the year 2002 just over 32.4 million tonnes of waste were managed in Canada with only 25% of this being recycled or reused.  more

Should Net Zero be Today’s Goal?

Net Zero is the latest buzzword around the green building industry.
The implication is that we should strive for buildings that consume only
as much energy as they generate on site. The Living Building Challenge has set this target and the 2030 Challenge aims for zero carbon emissions from buildings by 2030. But is this the right end goal?  more

Rating wood - The bigger picture

The full value of wood as a green building material with the potential to deliver carbon neutral construction may well be under-recognized, at least by the green building rating systems most prevalent in North America. In a study prepared by Light House Sustainable Building Centre for Forestry Innovation Investment, it was shown that while systems dedicated to home building are favourably disposed to the use of wood, systems dedicated to larger projects such as multi-family residential and non-residential projects may in fact hinder the use of wood.   more

The State of Green building in Canada

This issue of SABMag endeavours to provide a snapshot of the current state of the green building movement in Canada, its recent accomplishments, its current concerns and its emerging trends. It follows hard on the heels of our annual awards issue, the fourth in a series that has become a valuable barometer for the design and construction industry.


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