Issue 30 - July | August 2011


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Viewpoint - Carrot City

The separation of cities from their food sources is directly related to many of the most pressing problems in the world today – climate change, obesity, energy supply, pollution, resource availability, global poverty, and food security.  For example, the concerns about peak oil and other future resource shortages have a huge impact on food given the energy intensity of current food production methods and the use of [fossil fuel based] fertilizers.  more

CEU- The Case for pre-manufactured interiorpartition


Adaptable, flexible, demountable, and sustainable, are some of the positive attributes that proprietary partition manufacturers have been promoting for years now. And while such systems have been adopted as standard practice for commercial buildings in many countries, these are still difficult concepts for the construction industry to grasp in our land of plenty, where resources seem as abundant as the space to waste them.  more



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