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Farnham Garrison Kitchen and Dining Hall

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Thoughtful design raises user comfort and well-being

The new 2,075 m2 single storey building houses kitchen and dining facilities for the Department of National Defence at the Farnham Garrison in Farnham, Quebec. The dining hall is designed to accommodate 300 seats, and the kitchen has a capacity of 600 meals [two services] per hour. To facilitate wayfinding, functional spaces are differentiated by material, shape and/or colour. Practically all spaces feature natural daylight and direct views to the outside.

By Marc Bertrand


Winnipeg Humane Society

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Sustainable shelter

considering the need for both human and animal interaction with the building introduced an extra level of design complexity

Design strives for LEED Gold in harsh climate

by Brent Bellamy

Built to handle more than 10,000 animals annually, this 4,000 sq.m sustainable shelter facility is located on a wooded lot that extends deep into the neighbouring community. The goal was to develop a building form and architectural character that would allow it to sit unobtrusively in its forest setting.
The design challenges were heightened by Winnipeg’s extreme climate, which includes hot summers and the third coldest winters of any major city in the world. (more…)