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Bois Ellen Housing Co-op

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Construction detailing and energy efficiency on a budget

The recently completed Bois Ellen Co-op is located in the City of Laval near the Place de la Concorde train and metro station, a neighbourhood that is in transition toward multi-residential housing. Contrary to current trends that rely heavily on active renewable technologies, the design that emerged from the Integrated Design Process [IDP] focuses on passive design measures to ensure that ongoing maintenance is easily manageable
for the Co-op and its residents.

By Daniel Pearl and Cecilia Chen


Interview with: Jack Laken

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

President of Termobuild Canada [ ,] in Toronto, engineer Jack Laken [ ] has long been a missionary of passive heating and cooling of buildings. The question is: How well are we listening?



Monday, June 10th, 2013

This project was notable for the quality of its planning and for the impressive energy performance numbers. The refined aesthetics, the clever circulation system and the beautifully laid out and light filled interiors make this a welcome addition to a rather bland and banal residential neighbourhood. The superior building envelope, including high-performance windows, are indicative of the considered approach to passive design, focusing more on the reduction of energy loads than on state-of-the-art energy technology.



Monday, June 10th, 2013

JURY COMMENT - The jury was charmed by the clever plan and the aesthetics of this project that succeeded in integrating the existing and new portions of the building into a cohesive whole. The sinuous form, wrapping around the existing cross-form typology, creates a series of courtyards that ensure ample natural light throughout the building. The jury also liked the simple approach and the absence of technical gadgetry. The project demonstrates the kind of leadership we should expect from our municipalities.


EcoHouse Canada 1 - House + Laneway House - Simple, functional and affordable

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Embarking on this project the primary challenge was to design two homes [a main home and a smaller laneway home] on a 40’x86’ corner lot just off of a busy commercial corridor. Adding to the complexity of the project is the high cost of construction in Vancouver, and the client’s desire for an affordable, green and contemporary home. Our design focused on three basic principles: simplicity, integrating the home with the site, and maximizing green design elements that give the most benefit for each dollar spent. The result is two simple boxes placed on the site to create an inner courtyard, simple roof shapes to harvest rain water, and a focus on energy efficiency through robust and highly insulated walls.

By James Tuer (more…)

SAB HOMES 5-Pearson Residence

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Modest home relies on skilled detailing and passive design

This modest 2,000sf house is located on Bowen Island, which lies at the mouth of Howe Sound, a 20-minute ferry ride from West Vancouver. The site is in a west-facing rural lot framed by a ridge of exposed granite to the north, and forest to the south and east. Due to the western exposure and bowl-like topography, the site has a distinct microclimate and can easily reach temperatures of 30oC on sunny days from early May through late September.

By James Tuer, MAIBC, LEED AP