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Monday, June 10th, 2013

This project was notable for the quality of its planning and for the impressive energy performance numbers. The refined aesthetics, the clever circulation system and the beautifully laid out and light filled interiors make this a welcome addition to a rather bland and banal residential neighbourhood. The superior building envelope, including high-performance windows, are indicative of the considered approach to passive design, focusing more on the reduction of energy loads than on state-of-the-art energy technology.


Wakefield Beach Houses

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Development combines density and conservation

Creating the Wakefield Beach Community

Curved roofs evoke the rolling ocean breakers. The development uses geothermal heating and cooling, high performance windows, solar-powered street lighting, and water conserving plumbing fixtures
by Bo Helliwell

Retirement and recreation homes now flank most of the coastal roads in south-western British Columbia and demand is increasing.
Environmentally, the typical linear, low density form of subdivision has little to recommend it, as it squanders precious waterfront land, negatively impacts or destroys often delicate shoreline ecosystems, and compromises public access to beaches and inter-tidal areas. (more…)

Toronto Botanical Garden

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

LEED Silver pavilion furthers mission of environmental stewardship

The dramatic lantern effect at night reveals the steel frame sculptural form
by David Sisam

The Toronto Botanical Garden [TBG] is a charitable organization whose purpose is to inspire passion, respect and understanding of gardening, horticulture, the natural landscape and a healthy environment. (more…)