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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Selecting Carpet and Resilient Flooring

Interior materials and finishes are a component of buildings where life-cycle impacts may be significantly greater than the impact associated with the initial manufacture and installation of the material.  Floor coverings in particular, which are subject to mechanical wear, may be replaced several times during the life of a building.

By Jim Taggart with Shelley Penner


SAB HOMES 1 | Riverdale net Zero Project

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Energy in, equals energy out, in Edmonton duplex

Overhangs on south- facing windows prevent over-heating in the  summer.

The goal of the Riverdale Net Zero Project was to prove that it is possible to build housing that offers an exceptional quality of life for the homeowners while also dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and the overall impact on the environment.

by Peter Amerongenand, Gordon Howell


life cycle considerations and types

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009


InterfaceFLOR carpet tile is manufactured under its EcoMetrics system that monitors manufacturing waste reduction, renewable energy, carbon emissions, water and energy usage, and the percentage of recycled and bio-based materials in its products.

by Jim Taggart

The ‘take, make and waste’ system upon which most of our industries were founded is the legacy of a time when resources seemed limitless; there were fewer people to consume them, and our material needs were less.

Today our perception has changed and our industries are adjusting to a new reality. Some lead, some follow and some drag their feet - and in this regard the flooring industry is no different from any other. (more…)

Access Floors

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Design flexibility, energy efficiency and healthy environments

by Bill Reynolds


A sustainable approach to building design brings with it demands for flexibility, energy efficiency and healthy work environments. Interior spaces need to respond rapidly and cost effectively to organizational and technological changes. Meanwhile, steadily increasing energy costs require building systems that operate with improved efficiencies while ensuring a healthy, comfortable environment for building occupants. (more…)

Child Development Centre

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Landmark LEED Platinum project scores highest in world for a cold climate building while providing occupant comfort

The east [with handprint graphic] and south elevations feature Alucobond and zinc cladding respectively - durable finishes applied as a rainscreen.
by Jim Taggart

With the engaging hand print decals decorating its east and west elevations, the Child Development Centre has quickly become a symbol of the University of Calgary’s commitment to sustainable development and occupant comfort, helped in no small part by its LEED Platinum rating. (more…)

Acculift Office/Warehouse

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Modest building reflects philosophy of earth-friendly products

Typical in size of so many industrial park buildings found throughout Canada, the green building qualities and architectural merit of the Accu-lift™ Flooring Systems building sets the standard for the future

by Christopher Simmonds

TAccu-Lift™ Flooring Systems in Ottawa sells and installs environmentally-friendly flooring. Its new 8,300sf retail store and warehouse has a bright, open and efficient work environment that showcases the company and its commitment to conservation principles. (more…)