Moving forward/ looking back

This issue of SABMag marks the start of our fourth year of publication, an appropriate time to acknowledge the invaluable support of our many advertisers, contributors and readers.

With our awards program having now completed its second successful year, with a newly expanded web site, and the launch of our sister publication SABHomes, we believe that in the short span of three years, we have significantly broadened the depth and scope of dialogue within the industry, and enhanced the public and professional recognition accorded to green building projects and those who contribute to them.

Partnerships have been forged with industry organizations such as the Canada Green Building Council, and with industry sponsors and advertisers. We believe that creating a forum that embraces both those who design green buildings and those who manufacture and equip them, is critical to the ultimate success of all our endeavours.

For the third time in 2010, SABMag will publish the official guide to the annual CaGBC Summit, and will also be launching a new supplement in the January/February issue called ‘LEED – The Year in Review’ Meantime, we will continue to feature technical articles and project profiles that reflect the priorities and accomplishments of our readers.

We greatly appreciate the positive feedback we have received from architects, engineers and others in the industry, including the recent endorsement of Ron Lemaire CaGBC’s Vice president of market Development:

“Since its inaugural issue in 2006 the uniquely Canadian SABMag has highlighted the best in building design practices and products” and has become a “primary forum for CaGBC to promote its mission to lead and accelerate the transformation to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout Canada.”

At this time, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to remaining an authoritative voice, and a central contributor to the green building movement in Canada.

Jim Taggart, MRAIC


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