Issue 9 - January | February 2008

Plaza 2006

Sustainable design principles based on materials, HVAC and landscape

Committed to using 'xeriscaping' for all the landscaping around the building - landscaping aimed at reducing irrigation, pest control and fertilizing requirements to a minimum.
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child development centre

Landmark LEED Platinum project scores highest in world for a cold climate building while providing occupant comfort

Occupant-comfort / Sharing knowledge is an important component in sustainable design, ensuring that as many new buildings as possible incorporate leading edge ideas and technology. » Read more

hamilton fire hall

Design incorporates building and site in quest for LEED Gold

Expanding the idea of protective services to embrace the protection of the environment, the Hamilton Fire Hall in Richmond BC, combines concepts of sustainable architecture with the specific programmatic needs of the Richmond Fire Department. » Read more

product focus: Lighting 

Best Practice Embraces Efficiency and Innovation including daylight harvesting

Design of lighting should consider peak consumption periods and length of occupancy in rooms. » Read more

tech note: water and waste systems

Sustainability performance at the building, neighbourhood and city scale

How water and waste infrastructure strategies at different scales, from the building to the city, can respond to sustainability and other challenges. » Read more