Issue 8 - November | December 2007 

College Notre-Dame-de-lourdes

Space efficiency and student ideas remake college

At the basement level, full interior glass walls were integrated into the layout so that daylight can penetrate into the central core. » Read more


Nk'mip desert cultural centre

A sustainable response integrates culture and landscape

The desert landscape flows over the building's green roof, held back by a rammed earth wall. » Read more


Prefabrication, compact interior quality proposes new way of living

As a counterpoint to this unsustainable status quo, architect Andy Thompson has designed the 'miniHome', a radical new alternative to suburban sprawl. » Read more

product focus: natural insulation

Product choices and considerations for energy savings

Insulation can also have a bearing on indoor environmental quality and, according to type, insulation can also offer a multitude of other benefits. » Read more

tech note: canadian green housing

CMHC’s EQuilibrium initiative sets new course

The EQuilibrium Housing Initiative is CMHC’s challenge to design and build 12 net zero energy housing projects across the country.
» Read more