Issue 7 - September | October 2008

St. gabriel's

Human-earth relationship guides Canada’s first LEED Gold church

In contrast to most churches that are inwardly focused and employ stained glass the entire south facade of the worship space is glazed with clear glass. » Read more


electronic arts hq

Sustainability increases productivity in Phase II campus expansion

The storm water will be diverted through a riparian zone that includes vegetation, pools, weirs and swales to recharge the local aquifer and clean the water before it leaves the site.
 » Read more

eugene h. kruger building

Teaching/research complex uses natural means to produce energy savings

The use of natural energy, sun and wind to decrease reliance on grid electricity & fossil fuels in a manner that increases comfort and sense of well being.  » Read more

tech note: green roofs

Basics of a resurgent building technology

If designed, detailed and installed by competent professionals green roofs can provide significant benefits not only to the building envelope but to the ecology of its surroundings. » Read more

product focus: brick and masonry

Climate change may mean growing role for time-tested products

Use of masonry products – clay brick, concrete brick and block and natural or manufactured stone – has become “more of a science than an art. » Read more