Issue 6 - July | August 2007

PCL learning centre

Major industry player takes a stand for sustainable design

PCL family of companies, the largest construction organization in Canada, its commitment to excellence in sustainable design and construction is clear. » Read more



State-of-the-art training centre balances active and passive technologies

The complex is sited to take advantage of views, access to natural daylight, and exposure to solar radiation and wind.
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heritage woods school

Trail breaker a LEED Silver first

The design team has achieved a high standard of sustainable design in terms of resource conservation, environmental impact, and occupant health and comfort.
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tech note: cradle to cradle

A closed loop approach to materials, products and manufacturing processes

Design takes a different approach to sustainability, one that models human industry on the integrated processes of nature’s biological metabolism.
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product focus: heat pumps

for heating and cooling buildings

Building owners and designers wanting to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and energy use of their buildings are confronted by an array of technologies for heating and cooling, all claiming superior performance and even promising guaranteed LEED credits.
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