Issue 3 - January | February 2007

gulf islands operations centre

Canada's first LEED Platinum building sets the bar

The design and construction of a new Operations Centre for Gulf Islands National Park Reserve in Sidney, BC presented Parks Canada with an opportunity to create a facility with a minimal ecological footprint, fully in keeping with its core values of environmental stewardship. » Read more

sas institute (canada) ltd. 

Daylight, natural ventilation, and rainwater collection mark mid-size office building

North Carolina-based SAS is the world's largest independently owned software company and has developed a reputation for the quality of its products, and for the quality of the work environments it provides its employees. » Read more

the vento

tidy residential/ commercial project employs design strategies in quest for LEED Platinum

The Vento is a three-storey mixed use development of 39,000sf, with retail space and two affordable housing units on the ground floor, and 22 two- storey suites above. » Read more

tech note: leed ci - a case study

Vancouver Port Authority

While no projects have yet been certified under the Canadian version of LEED CI, which was just launched in September 2006, the experience of those involved in piloting the US edition gives insight into the opportunities and limitations of the new standard. » Read more

product focus: sustainable wood

Forest certification, reduced-formaldehyde panels build on natural qualities

Of all building materials, wood has the largest number of inherent green attributes. Biodegradability, carbon sequestration and renewability top an impressive list that also includes low embodied energy, low manufacturing emissions, and natural insulating properties. » Read more