Issue 2 - November | December 2006

Painter studio

Site placement, details and modest technologies deliver bright, energy-efficient interior

A 640sf studio, an outbuilding for an existing residence in southern Ontario, opens to an intimate grouping of shaded residential gardens. With limited means, the modest project uses control of natural light, simple details, and off-the-shelf mechanical systems to create a pleasing, efficient work space. » Read more


fred kaiser building

Integrated design meets challenges of tight site and fast-track schedule at University of British  Columbia

Completed in June 2005, the five-storey, 8,744 sq.m Fred Kaiser Building houses expanded facilities for the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the offices of the Dean of Applied Science. » Read more

sir sandford fleming college

Addition combines passive and technical environmental performance

The Applied Computing and Engineering Sciences (ACES) building is a 50, 000 s.f. addition to an existing 1960s building,  in which the highly visible sustainable components and systems are part of a new 'learning-centred' approach to educational facility design. » Read more

product focus: cement plans
for sustainability

Future sees alternate raw materials, lower energy and new building ideas

Durable, solid, and strong are adjectives that spring to mind when one thinks of concrete - all qualities important in the creation of sustainable buildings. » Read more

tech note:

Climate adapted building

A building's form and interaction with the local climate are critical to its overall environmental performance. Climate adapted buildings optimize the performance of  “passive” building elements and employ smaller, more efficient “active” mechanical systems merely to complement what the building architecture cannot achieve on its own. » Read more