Issue 10 - March | April 2008

Allsteel Showroom

Interior fit-up treads lightly on historic space

Ask most sustainability professionals and they'll tell you that the greenest building is the one that you don't build. But the reality is that we need places to live, work and play and the availability of commercial space, in particular, is limited, especially in urban centres. » Read more


 normand maurice building

Quebec LEED project hails government direction in sustainability

The building was designed to address the diverse functional and security needs of its government occupants while incorporating a number of shared spaces and following a green mandate set by  » Read more

Restoration services centre

Integrated design delivers Ontario's first LEED Platinum

Restoration-Services-Centre / is located on the Toronto Conservation Authority's 'Living City Campus' in Vaughan ON, home of the newly created secretariat of the World Green Building Council. » Read more

Tech Note: access floors 

Design flexibility, energy efficiency and healthy environments

Access-Floors / Using access floor for air distribution requires minimal ducting because the entire space is used as the service plenum to provide fresh air.  » Read more

The green certification process

Third-party evaluation removes the guess work

Green-Certification / The laboratory report is submitted to the certifying organization along with all pertinent information about the product.  » Read more